* Photo of residential home under construction. Drone view of residential construction.

About Us

Mountain Peak Builders is proud to be a member of the Gillette community. We’ve lived and worked in the area for over 30 years. We believe our corner of Wyoming has unique challenges as well as one-of-a-kind opportunities. We feel fortunate to have the experience and innovative ideas to meet those challenges and find the potential to build a stronger community for us all.

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making our city the greatest place to live

We are dedicated to making our city the greatest place to live, and we want to be known as more than just the Energy Capital of the World. We want to be seen for the great, family-friendly town we really are.

Our part in this goal is demonstrating old-fashioned values and a rock-solid work ethic. Honesty and integrity are ideals we live by.  We are committed to delivering expertly crafted structures to our customers on time, within budget, and completed to the high expectations of our customers.

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Our Professionals

We rely on our team of professionals every day to make our business successful, so safety is our top priority. In everything we do, we look for ways to improve and keep our employees safe. We’re more than a team — we are friends and neighbors working together to keep our community strong.

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Our Safety Objectives

  • Promoting the safety and well-being of each employee and his/her family
  • Eliminating personal injury based on the belief that “injury-free” projects can and should occur
  • Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and every project
  • Establishing individual responsibility for the safety program on each project, reaching all levels from the project manager to the workforce

Key Elements of Our Safety Program

  • Company safety and health manual
  • Drug and alcohol testing program
  • Safety recognition program (Project and Foreman level)
  • Safety incentive program (Employee Incentive)
  • Supervisor and employee training programs
  • New employee orientation
  • Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective measures
  • Jobsite Hazard Analysis (JHA)
  • Site-specific Safety, Health, Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Reinforcement of Safety

  • Frequent safety review of jobs by our Corporate Safety Director
  • Weekly tool-box safety meetings
  • Daily pre-work safety meetings to cover the work tasks and associated hazards
  • Safety training provided applicable to the project scope of work
  • Work plans which incorporate safety training and planning
  • Safety violation forms to document employee violations
  • Insurance company visits and follow-up recommendations
  • Company-wide project safety award program