When you want the best in quality motor carrier services, look no further! Our agency delivers solutions in motion to a variety of industries, including gas and oil, mining, iron and steel, automotive, lumber and building products, aluminum,  and heavy machinery.

If you’re on this part of our site you’re here for a reason. You probably need something moved that is wide, heavy or tall. Pulling an oversized load transport is a complex procedure that involves preparing a number of technical and logistical elements before you even start. Knowing how to deal with the legal considerations, permits and the technical challenges of pulling a heavy load is critical to having a successful oversized load journey.

It doesn’t matter what size your piece of equipment is, we can get it there for you. We have the capability and expertise to move anything from the smallest tractor to the largest crane as well as everything in between. We can provide transport of single or multiple pieces as well as making multiple pickup and deliveries.

Mountain Peak’s Trucking division utilize a diverse array of equipment including double drops, lowboys, RGN’s (removable goosenecks), extendable and other specialized trailers in order to get your heavy equipment moved. Our heavy equipment hauling service is something you can count on worry-free pickups and reliable deliveries – one call gives you the experienced personnel and equipment you need. And of course all of our partners are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our heavy equipment transport rate quote will include arrangements for any escorts that may be needed as well as all the necessary permits required for overweight and oversized heavy equipment.

Below is a list of common heavy haul examples:

•   Air Exchangers   •   All Yellow Iron   •   Boats   •   Boilers   •   Bridge Beams   •   Compressors   •   Concrete Pre-Casts  • Condensers   •   Construction Tractor   •   Control Buildings   •   Cooling Towers   •   Cranes: truck, crawler lift, pedestal, tower or ring horse   •   Dehydration Equipment   •   Domes   •   Excavators   •   Generators   •   Grinders   •    Hydraulic Gantry   •   Injection Mold Machines   •    Manufactured Home   •   Mining Equipment   •   Planes   •    Piping   •   Stamping Presses   •   Steel Drums   •   Terex, Manitowoc, Mt Clemens cranes   •   Transformers   •   Turbines   •   Wind Energy Equipment   •  And much, much more…

If your heavy haul item is not listed in the examples above please contact us, we will let you know if we can arrange shipment for your item.  Certain loads may require multi axle trailers or custom made components, but rest assured that our vast understanding and resources in heavy haul trucking will ensure even special circumstances will be handled with the utmost level of professionalism and customer service. Above all, safety is our top priority not only for drivers, but also for the general public that may come within close proximity to heavy haul or over dimensional freight.