Mountain Peak Builders Gas and Oil Division is a robust, innovative and emergent energy construction company, started in the energy capital of our nation.  Working with some of the largest energy producers in the northern Midwest, we are helping to create efficient means to get their products to market.  Our company is high production with low cost and competitive on all levels.  We also do contract work at a very competitive rate.

The right people in place at the right time ensure that our projects are successful and driven to completion.  We pride ourselves on safety and are 100% incident free driven.  Among our strengths, our highly qualified staff accurately estimate costs and effectively manage the many facets of project design and implementation.  We believe that pipeline projects require skillful management of safety, schedule, costs, and subcontractors.   Our team combines 30+ years of industry experience comprised of managing field personnel, highly trained operators, welders, and laborers with a passion for exceptional professionalism and customer satisfaction.

We are able to do the following:


•   Steel Lines   •   Poly Lines   •   Stainless Steel   •   Fiberglass   •   Block Valves – Including Torque Up   • Testing both air and Hydro – Depending on Pressures   •   ROW   •   Hot Taps   •   Tie In’s

Well Hook Ups

•   Heavy Civil – Pad sites   •   Treater Buildings – All Piping   •   Lack Skid – Set and Install of all Piping  •  Tank farms – Crane set by us and all Piping   •   Flare Pits and all Piping


•   Stainless Fabrication   •   Risers, Launchers and Receivers   •   Structural   •   Specialty Welding   •  Pipeline   •   Tie In’s   •   Hot Taps


•   Piers for stations   •   Piers for block valves   •   Form Work of any Kind   •   Flat Work   •   Sleepers

Compressor Stations

•   Set up and install   •   Piping   •   Torqueing   •   Hauling of Compressors to site   •   Cranes   •   Fabrication


•   Heavy Haul – Equipment, Compressors, Etc…   •   Belly Dumps of Sites   •   End Dumps

Gathering Systems

•   All piping to locations   •   Steel, Poly, Fiberglass